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This is not going to be helpful

I am not a helpful person therefore I will not write a helpful review. Have an unhelpful day.


تطبيق جميل ورائع

I don’t support Arabic language

لا تشتري البرنامج الخطوط لاتدعم العربية بالمطلق I don’t support Arabic language

So so



Only some of my pictures show up. I allowed access to my camera and earlier they where all there but k ow they are not

Love it

I downloaded this app and bought it for reason because I love it so much but the one thing that it’s missing is my peace signs he took them away please can you please put them back!! I stopped using this app because of that please put my peace signs back Thank you, Tina

Side bar

You can’t get rid of the side bar on the left to see what you’re working on - boo

Lo mejor

Es la app con la mejor interfaz y más completa que he visto

Love it

I downloaded this app because of the peace signs and ext.. where are my peace signs?? I’m really upset because I paid for this app. PLEASE PUT THEM BACK!!!!! Thanks Tina

So far....

I’m really digging this app. Easy to use and it has what I was looking for. I’ve used it twice so far and it was just downloaded this morning.


Created a project but it will not let me share to any social network

Love it!!!

Just used it for the first time and so far I love everything about it. Easy to use.

Love It

This app is simple to use. Easy to brand yourself in a professional way!

Keeps crashing on iOS11

Ever since iOS11 came out this app, which I paid for crashes every time I open it. I’m on a iPhone 6s and can’t even use the app now. I enjoyed using it in the past, I wish they’d fix the bugs...

Just no...

I’m so but no. For the price, there are not enough features and options. You’re much better off going with Canva

Great App

Definitely a must have!!

Easy and Fun

This is a great app. I use it to edit photos at the beginnings of my Youtube videos.

Fun but still figuring it out ...

Taking some practice to get the practical side of things.


Great to personalize photos before posting!!

Very nice!

Still figuring it out but looks a great way to personalize pics ?

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